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2015 MCPS School Facilities Bonds

High quality schools help drive Missoula's economy: It's time to invest in our schools!  

The Missoula County Public Schools Board of Trustees have voted unanimously to place two school facilities bonds on the November 2015 ballot.  The two bonds consist of $88 million for our elementary and middle schools and $70 million for high schools. They will generate funds to pay for much needed building improvements in every one of our 17 schools. The bonds together will cost a Missoula tax payer an additional $200 per year per $200,000 of residential property, and an aditional $1,500 per year per $1 million of commercial property over a twenty year period.

The Chamber Board of Directors voted unanimously to support both bonds because of the importance of schools to our local economy. High quality public schools are critical in building, attracting, and retaining a high quality workforce. A high quality workforce benefits our existing businesses and also helps to attract new, diversified businesses.

For more, see the guest opinion in the Missoulian from new Board Chair Mary Windecker and past Board Chair Nick Kaufman.

We encourage Chamber members to join other Missoula County business endorsers. You can endorse online at

Learn more about local property taxes, public debt, and upcoming opportunities to improve public facilities here.

Need more information about bond specifics? Go to the Missoula County Public Schools Smart Schools 2020 web site

School facilities needs: A rundown and links to more information about why our schools need your support. 

*Update* The bonds were both passed by Missoula County voters.  Thanks to our members for their support!