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2016 Long Range Transportation Plan Update


Missoula is updating its Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP).

Why the LRTP is important:

The LRTP sets our community's long term vision and priorities for our transportation system.  It identifies and prioritizes transportation projects for funding.  It also informs policy decisions regarding how Missoula will develop in the future.

Public engagement is a critical part of the update.  It's important that our business community participates!

How to get involved:

1. Visit and sign up for email updates.  

2. Use the two interactive maps on  The 2012 LRTP map provides some useful information on the projects and funding scenario from the last update.  The Wiki Map allows you to place markers and comments- use it to tell planners about transportation issues or opportunities that need to be addressed.

3.  Attend the public meetings/events.  The first public workshop is on Thursday, November 5th