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School facilities needs

Here is a rundown and links to more information about why our schools need your support:

Big Sky High School has a failing roof, lacks technology infrastructure and needs reduced crowding and modern learning spaces.

Chief Charlo Elementary School needs a safe entryway, where school officials can regulate who enters the school. It also needs an intercom system and more modern learning spaces.

Cold Springs Elementary School suffers from overcrowding, inadequate technology infrastructure and an aged building resulting in educational and safety and security deficits. 

C.S. Porter Middle School, originally built as an elementary school, is overcrowded and lacks technology infrastructure, modern learning spaces and a safe entry.

Franklin Elementary School is 99 years old. Some students receive instruction in closets and storage rooms. The building is desperate for remodeling and repairs.

Hawthorne Elementary School was designed for 300 students but enrollment of late has reached 385 students. It is overcrowded and has no formal cafeteria.

Hellgate High School served Missoula students for more than a century. It lacks a safe entryway, technology infrastructure and an adequate heating system.

Lewis and Clark Elementary School is 25 percent over its capacity – in other words, bursting at the seams with too many students!

Lowell Elementary School is more than 100 years old. Lacking in nearly every way, it needs renovation, technology infrastructure, more room and a safe and secure entryway.

Meadow Hill Middle School suffers from expanding enrollment and overcrowding. Its needs include a safe and secure entryway, ADA compliant structures, and technology infrastructure.

Paxson Elementary School needs improved shared learning spaces – library/media room and music room.

Rattlesnake Elementary School is so overcrowded, some students take classes in modular buildings (a.k.a. trailers).

Russell Elementary School Security and safety concerns continue with an ineffective building intercom system, technology concerns and disconnected annexes.

Seeley-Swan High School was built to have a theater but never got one. It needs the theater and updated learning areas.

Sentinel High School needs to replace its 59-year-old boiler and redesign outdated classrooms, and address many other needs.

Washington Middle School, originally designed as a grade school, is extremely overcrowded, lacks technology infrastructure and needs a safe and secure entryway.

Willard Alternative High School is more than 100 years old. Students need a new building, as this old structure, designed for elementary-aged students, is way past its prime.