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Support for Early Childhood Education

The Missoula Chamber supports the Strong Start for America’s Children Act (H.R. 3461) and reauthorization of the Child Care and Development Block Grant (S. 1086). 

These pieces of legislation will increase access to affordable and quality early childhood education for Montana families through grants and strengthening standards.  This is important to the Missoula Chamber for the following reasons:

  • Early childhood education programs in Montana are costly and relatively rare, and some providers face quality issues due to low standards and limited oversight.
  • The early years are the best time to ensure that children (our future workforce and business leaders) have the tools to grow into healthy and productive adults.
  • Research indicates that for every dollar spent on quality early childhood education and development programs, $7 to $8 are returned to individuals and society.
  • Strengthening standards will also help address safety issues at child care facilities.
  • Increased opportunities for early childhood education allow parents of young children to miss less work and stay focused on their jobs, increasing productivity.